My house:
6 cameras FULL HD with motion detector and 2 others in my garden:
you can spy on everything I do at home...


All my girlfriends are bisexual and I always try them at home before sharing more sex with them !
You can watch their first steps as see our orgies at home.

But not only sex: it's real HD voyeur live 7/7 and 24/24. You can see me doing my housework without panties, making undress kitchen or taking a shower with a hand between my thighs...

These 8 cameras FULL HD:

My bedroom
My bathroom
My kitchen
My living room
My garden
My office
And also when I joined my friends elsewhere:

(if a broadband connection allows that !)

I connect my camcorder to my laptop and it allows to share an improvised direct in my section "random lives". You can see as if you are close to us.

Me and my girlfriends are very exhibitionist
and we love sharing that !